Profiles Amount:10
Member Amount Limit:1
Open Times Per Day:50
Deep development of Google and Firefox kernels
Multiple accounts login and anti-association
Browsers Sync All in One
Support all network protocols:
Local API
RPA Automation
Extensions/Script Market
Multi person collaborative management/Authority management
Free tutorial and customer support service
Free Trial
Profiles Amount:
Member Amount Limit:
Open Times Per Day:5000
Including all the features of the free version(additional)
Multiple Account Management
More employee account numbers
Unrestricted export/backup of Browsers environment
Data synchronization-CDN acceleration
RPA Automation-CDN acceleration
More professional customer support
Free Trial
Can be customized according to your needs
Business type and team
Customize the environment
Customize the team
Professional customized service
Free Trial

Supports Multiple Payment Methods

  • pay
  • pay
  • pay
  • pay
  • pay

Common Problem

How to pay the fee?

  • When using BitBrowser, you feel that the profiles is not enough. If you need to recharge the package, you need to do the following:
  • 1. Open BitBrowser client.
  • 2. Click "Recharge" on the Dashboard or "Subscribe" in Cost Center.
  • 3. After selecting the package, the amount will be displayed.
  • 4. Select the payment method and click "Confirm Activation" to make payment.
  • 5. After the payment is successful, the package is successfully activated.

Which package is suitable for me?

  • BitBrowser is permanently Free for 10 Profiles. When opening multiple accounts for operation and management, you need to activate multiple windows for use. So which package is suitable for me?
  • BitBrowser aims to provide high-quality user experience and provides a variety of practical packages:
  • 50 Profiles, 2 Users, 10 $/Month
  • 100 Profiles, 4 Users, 15 $/Month
  • 200 Profiles, 8 Users, 25 $/Month
  • For more packages, support up to 300,000+ Browser Profiles, please log in to the BitBrowser client to view details!

How to use coupons?

  • Coupons can be used when activating a BitBrowser package.
  • So how to use coupons?
  • 1. Click on the recharge or payment center to activate the package.
  • 2. Select package content.
  • 3. Select a payment method.
  • 4. Fill in the coupon code to enjoy discounts or discounts.
  • *When using discount coupons, they cannot be used at the same time as packages containing discounts. There is no limit on the amount of coupons!

All Teams Edition Services Include

  • Account Privacy / Cookies Login

    Account Privacy / Cookies Login

  • Batch Import / Export

    Batch Import / Export

  • Team Management / Member Authorization

    Team Management / Member Authorization

  • Automatically Match Proxy IP

    Automatically Match Proxy IP

  • Support All Browser Fingerprinting

    Support All Browser Fingerprinting

  • Enriched Extensions Center

    Enriched Extensions Center

  • Professional Customer Service And Technical Support

    Professional Customer Service And Technical Support

  • Shared Environment And Security Lock

    Shared Environment And Security Lock