How does fingerprint browser protect my store? Where is brow

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Browser fingerprinting refers to various information obtained through your browser, such as system fonts, screen resolution, browser language and time zone. Using a browser's private window mode without cookies or other technologies will almost certainly reveal that you are not anonymous.

         Browser fingerprinting is tracked more independently than regular cookies. A digital fingerprint is created when your computer's hardware, software, plug-ins, and even settings create unique, personal data. Settings such as the screen resolution you use, the fonts installed on your computer, and the web browser you choose can all be used to create a fingerprint.
         So disconnect your FB account on your computer, delete your cookies, change your IP and open a new account. In fact, the FB server will also recognize you according to your mood.
         Likewise, when you encounter a Google ad headline, you are prompted to violate the circumvention system and link your account, because your browser fingerprint has not been changed, which is one of the important reasons!
         As for whether Google and Amazon should have another network cable and computer to fend off Lenovo. My answer is that your website information and account information can be separated, and there is no need to separate the operating environment of your computer. As I said, a good fingerprint browser is completely self-contained.
         Bit Fingerprint Browser is a multi-tasking browser that uses simulated browser hardware configuration files to replace multiple computers to achieve browser fingerprint protection. Cookies, local storage and other cached files are completely separate from each browser file and are browser profiles. They are completely independent and cannot access each other.
         Multiple unique fingerprint browsers. Each fingerprint browser is isolated from each other. Each browser configuration file is a different computer, combined with switching different IPs, it becomes a different computer in different regions.
         When opening the browser "environment" in BitFingerprint Browser, users can load their own user agent information or choose a fake proxy from hundreds of thousands of pre-configured proxies. User agents installed for various operating systems such as Windows and iOS.
         After setting up a browsing session configuration, users are directed to a browser fingerprinting service to verify their anonymity. Additionally, an attacker could generate unique fingerprints for a single session across different browser tabs, thereby pretending that the activity was performed by multiple people. To achieve the purpose of opening a more independent IP browser. In this way, the purpose of batch registration, login and operation of multiple accounts is achieved.